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    iJET puts the long experience of its proficient team to assist you in processing your overflight and landing permits for Pakistan, guide you through the complicated requirements and procedures, and notify you about overflight fees. We also handle overdue permit applications for your urgent flights.
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    Our collaboration with the Civil Aviation Authority of Pakistan enables us to process all types of flight permits, even the challenging ones, making sure you receive them on time.

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    We also provide further related services for Pakistan, such as: issuing airport landing slots, trip planning, ground handling, aviation fuel supply, inflight catering, aviation security, and navigation fees administration.

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    Do you need an overflight permit to overfly Pakistan

    Some countries no longer require a prior application to overfly their airspace; it’s sufficient for a flight plan to be filed a certain number of hours before the estimated time of departure (ETD). However, other countries still require an application to secure an overflight permit. Therefore, you need to consider the air traffic rights.

    To know all requirements for applying to an overflight permit to overfly Pakistan and the aviation traffic rights for any country, contact our team [email protected]


    What are the fees of overflight permission application for Pakistan? (Free or fee/overflight fees )

    Many countries impose a processing fee for the issuance of an overflight permit which is generally non-refundable regardless of whether the permit is approved or rejected.

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    When to apply for Pakistan overflight permission?

    Countries that request an application for an overflight permit prior to the flight have minimum lead times varying between 24 - 72 hours. Some countries are very strict and deny any request submitted outside their lead time, whilst many others are flexible and accept short-notice requests.

    Apply for a short-notice overflight permit to overfly Pakistan by sending an email to [email protected]

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    How to Apply for Pakistan Overfly permission?

    A simple email is sufficient to apply for the overflight permit in some countries, whilst the use of the many years old, aviation-exclusive telex-based network, AFTN, is mandatory in other countries. Recently, we’ve noticed an increasing number of countries introducing online portals which require registration and creating a user account.

    Want to apply for an overflight permit for Pakistan ? send us an email to [email protected]

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    Do you need to apply for Pakistan overflight permit through an agent? Or a direct application?

    Some countries allow operators to apply directly to their CAA to secure the permit, while some others require the appointment of a local agent - most importantly to guarantee fees settlement.

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    Required documents to apply for Pakistan overflight permit

    Whilst the name of the aircraft operator, the aircraft type and registration, the flight number, and schedule/purpose of the flight are sufficient for most CAAs, others require submitting many of the airline and aircraft certificates to issue the permit. These certificates may include The air operator certificate (AOC), the aircraft registration certificate, the airworthiness certificate, the noise certificate, and the insurance certificate (with various insurance coverage and amounts varying from country to country).

    International aircraft operators flying their jets around the world must be acquainted and updated about the various rapidly changing requirements and regulations surrounding the applications and issuance of overflight permits, as these permits are regulatory requirements for the actual performance of any flight. While this task in light of the afore-mentioned differences seems very challenging and time-consuming, partnering with an experienced professional flight support permits agent makes this web of complexities predictable, seamless, and enjoyable and helps you to select the preferred routes regarding the overflight permit application.

    Contact us now on [email protected] to apply for Pakistan overfly permit.

    Why to Choose iJET Flight Permit Services?

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    Permits on Short-Notice: Our wide range of networks and connections with international FAAs enables us to secure overflight and landing permits on short-notice faster than any other flight support agent.

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    24/7 Customer Service: iJET customer care service is available 24/7
    to answer our clients’ queries about flight permit procedures swiftly and immediately.

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    ISO 9001:2015-Certified: our long history of securing flight permits for thousands of flights granted us efficiency and reliability, assuring high-quality service that is highlighted by our ISO 9001:2015 certificate.

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    Overdue Flight Permits: iJET secures overdue flight permits that are requested beyond lead times, which are mostly declined when applied by the flight operator directly.

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