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Applying for a Landing Permit at Exeter International Airport

Operating to the airport of any foreign country requires securing a landing permit from the country’s civil aviation authority. The issuing requirements vary from country to country, based on local regulations, the volume of traffic their airports receive and the type of flight.

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    iJET puts the long experience of its proficient team to assist you in processing your overflight and landing permits for Exeter International Airport EXT in Exeter, guide you through the complicated requirements and procedures, and notify you about overflight fees. We also handle overdue permit applications for your urgent flights.
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    Our collaboration with Civil Aviation Authorities enables us to process all types of flight permits, even the challenging ones, making sure you receive them on time.

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    We also provide further related services at Exeter International Airport EXT in Exeter, such as: issuing airport landing slots, trip planning, ground handling, aviation fuel supply, inflight catering, aviation security, and navigation fees administration.

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    What are the requirements and needed documents to apply for a Landing Permit at Exeter International Airport EXT in Exeter

    Which language to use for an application of a Landing Permit at Exeter International Airport EXT in Exeter?

    Some countries accept the letter in English, while others request the flight documents in their local language.


    Ground handling and landing slots at Exeter International Airport EXT in Exeter

    Due to the limited capacity of the airport and the ground handling company, some countries consider the availability of a confirmation from the ground handling company, landing slots, aviation, and parking as a prior condition for the issuance of the landing permit.

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    Purpose of Flight to Exeter International Airport EXT in Exeter

    If the aircraft is being operated privately, then some countries don’t require the issuance of a landing permit. In that case, filing a prior flight plan is sufficient. However, if the aircraft is flown commercially as a charter for remuneration, then securing a landing permit is a must. On the other hand, there are many countries around the world that don’t impose different regulations based on the purpose of the flight. Those countries require a prior landing permit for both flight types, private and charter.

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    Purpose of Landing at Exeter International Airport EXT in Exeter

    The requirements vary based on the purpose of landing, whether it is a technical landing for refueling, crew rest, a traffic landing with passengers, cargo inbound to a certain territory or outbound from it. Normally, landing permits applications for technical stops are easier and faster compared to the full traffic landing permit applications. However, there are some countries that still require local third-party approval even for technical landing permits.

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    Does Exeter require a Local Sponsor to apply for a Landing Permit at Exeter International Airport EXT in Exeter

    Most countries require the clear specifications of the local party receiving the flight and responsible for it (commonly known as the ‘sponsor’) in the permit application.The name of the company, contact details, and address are sufficient in some countries. This local sponsor must expect a call from the local civil aviation authority requesting a confirmation and some information about the flight. The local contact alone is not sufficient for some countries, they further request an official letter signed and stamped on the company letterhead addressed to the country’s civil aviation authority, clearly confirming their responsibility for the flight and specifying the full flight details.

    When to apply landing permit

    When to Apply for a Landing Permit at Exeter International Airport EXT in Exeter?

    Landing permit applications must be submitted within the regulatory lead time specified by the country’s regulations. The lead time is different from one country to another. Technical stop landing permits can be applied for 24 hours prior to the flight,but in some countries it may take up to 72 hours. On the other hand, the lead time of traffic landing permits varies between 72 hours up to 7 working days according to the country. Same day landing permit applications are not easy to secure, even in the most flexible countries unless applied for in the morning, which gives the civil aviation authority some time to consider the application.

    how to apply

    How to Apply for a Landing Permit at Exeter International Airport EXT in Exeter?

    Countries follow different regulations concerning the method of application for landing permits:

    • Email: Some countries accept a simple email to consider the landing permit application.
    • AFTN: Applying by the aviation telex-based telecommunication network AFTN is requested for applying to landing permits in many countries.
    • Official Application: Some countries require an application signed and stamped by the operating airline in order to consider the landing permit application. This application can then be sent by email.
    • Online Portals: Online application via the civil aviation authority portal is available (and required) in some countries. Most of these online portals allow applicants to upload the necessary aircraft documents and process the landing fees.

    Request Landing permits

    Request Landing Permits directly or through an Agent?

    Whilst there are countries allowing flight operators to apply directly for their landing permit, others request an appointment with a local representative. Many local agents refuse to secure landing permits unless they take care of the ground handling arrangements as well, due to the legal obligation imposed on them to settle the civil aviation fees and airport fees to the relevant authorities to land at Exeter International Airport in Exeter in case the aircraft operator fails to settle them.

    Landing Permits Document

    Required Documents for application of a Landing Permit at Exeter International Airport EXT in Exeter?

    Most of the civil aviation authorities require a set of documents to be attached with the landing permit applications. While many CAAs require the operator and aircraft documents (AOC, Certificate of Registration COR, Certificate of Airworthiness COA, Airworthiness Review Certificate, Noise Certificate and Insurance Certificate matching the local regulatory requirements in term of coverage and liability), there are still some further required documents, like a copy of the charter agreement between the airline and the charterer. This brief highlights some of the major requirements of the various civil aviation authorities around the world to clarify the approval conditions of issuing landing permits for commercial, private, and charter operators to get permission to land at Exeter International Airport EXT in Exeter . While there are many similarities in the information and documents that must be provided to the CAA, there are still some requirements that are particular to each one - requirements that may block or delay the landing permit approval process, and which could result in the denial or delay of the flight. Appointing an expert flight support permit agent to process your landing permit applications allows you to benefit from their accumulated experience and continuously updated knowledge.

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    Permits on Short-Notice: Our wide range of networks and connections with international FAAs enables us to secure overflight and landing permits on short-notice faster than any other flight support agent.

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    24/7 Customer Service: iJET customer care service is available 24/7
    to answer our clients’ queries about flight permit procedures swiftly and immediately.

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    ISO 9001:2015-Certified: our long history of securing flight permits for thousands of flights granted us efficiency and reliability, assuring high-quality service that is highlighted by our ISO 9001:2015 certificate.

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    Overdue Flight Permits: iJET secures overdue flight permits that are requested beyond lead times, which are mostly declined when applied by the flight operator directly.

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