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Block Overflight Permits for ERITREA

We provide permission services to clients who are arranging a trip with us, getting any flight or airport operating licenses, including overfly, block, and landing permits, as soon as they are requested.

Short-notice permits are a renowned service that we continuously provide to our clients, ensuring that all flights are completed on time.

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    What are block permits in Eritrea

    iJET can arrange Flight Clearance for Ad-hoc Charter Flights, and non-scheduled and Scheduled Airline Seasonal Block Permits from Civil Aviation Authorities according to their legal time frame.

    A seasonal, monthly Block overflight applications permit is a form of overflight permit that allows you to arrange your flight and gives you permission for your scheduled or regular flying activity in the “country”.

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    Schedule and Block Permits in Eritrea

    iJET has a professional team that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in the “country”. We can get block permissions for your planned or regular flying operations, allowing you to organize your flights without a worry.

    Whether it's scheduled or non-scheduled block permission, iJET can get it done quickly. We have a global network of contacts with airport authorities in “country” and their recognized agencies with over two decades of expertise to execute any permit arrangements easily and on schedule.

    iJET specializes in arranging flight assistance at any airport across the world, thanks to our comprehensive knowledge of worldwide Civil Aviation Authority laws and processes. Entrusting your block permit needs to iJET will save you time and minimize mistakes.

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    iJET will get all necessary licenses and applications for your business in the Eritrea as soon as possible, including:

    • Ad hoc over-fly and landing permits
    • Scheduled and block permits
    • Prior permission required (PPR)
    • Traffic rights and foreign air operator certificates
    • Special operating permit
    • Slots
    • Guidance and coordination for diplomatic permits
    • Assistance with expired permits by Obtaining a new permit on short notice

    Our service is in your hand upon your request and our team waiting for your call and happy to serve you in Eritrea.

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    Why to Choose iJET Flight Permit Services?

    iJET Short notice

    Permits on Short-Notice: Our wide range of networks and connections with international FAAs enables us to secure overflight and landing permits on short-notice faster than any other flight support agent.

    iJET Short notice

    24/7 Customer Service: iJET customer care service is available 24/7
    to answer our clients’ queries about flight permit procedures swiftly and immediately.

    iJET Short notice

    ISO 9001:2015-Certified: our long history of securing flight permits for thousands of flights granted us efficiency and reliability, assuring high-quality service that is highlighted by our ISO 9001:2015 certificate.

    iJET Short notice

    Overdue Flight Permits: iJET secures overdue flight permits that are requested beyond lead times, which are mostly declined when applied by the flight operator directly.

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